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The Age Theory is based on social norm that the older the woman is , the more accpetable it is for her to make the first move or persue a man as oppossed to the man making proverbial first move.

Any woman over the age of 30 should in accordance with this theory be able to persue a man ( Regardless of if he is younger or older than her) without being label " Promiscuous" , "skanky" or "Whore".

Research has shown that the majority of the male population agree to this theory and that there is a talk of amending the theory in order to lower the accepted age limit.
Mike : "Hi Johnny , how you been?"

Johnny :" Waz up dude, just chilling. This old chick has been on my case, begging me to go on a date!"

Mike : " how old is this chick" Over thirty?"

Johnny : " 31 actaully.I am taking her to Burger king later. Got to respect the Age Theory man!".

Mike : " Of course!! Has she got an older sister for me?"
by Pofadder May 19, 2010
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