When idiot people think they're better than you because they're older.

in fact sometimes they just assume you're younger and bash on you.

it's pathetic and immature!!!!!!!!
Age discriminator: I hate little middle schoolers who think they can write good.

Girl: Um, they're in middle school, they only know what they were tought, you can't control that!

Age discriminator: They're still young and immature and gross

Girl: Actually, some people's mind mature faster than most,age is just a number, shutup, age discrimination isn't cool

Age discriminator: lol whatever, gtfo little 12 year old

girl: LMAO i'm 18!
by victomofthesuch August 9, 2009
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An act used by slave holders aka "parents" in order to control their children and their everyday actions. This means that they are forced to obey and conform to however way his/her "parents" want them to act in order not to get punished.
Children are considered sub humans by most adults due to age discrimination until they turn 18 in which then they are given basic human rights.
by Dubiks February 25, 2019
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