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Term to describe the trans-cultural influences of (..usually...) mixed race individuals, or members of the black diaspora living in Europe. First coined by Talking Heads singer David Byrne, to describe the music of Belgo-Congolese group 'Zap Mama'. Later popularized by Afro-French sister duo Les Nubians.
"They burst onto the international music scene more than a decade ago, with a blend of European and African styles they call "Afropean."

"He is exploring the interplay of Black and European culture...looking at Afropean aesthetics"

"websites such as celebrate the coming together of Afro and European styles, in a blend that has come to be known as Afropean"
by An Afropean February 25, 2012
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Person who relates both to Africa and Europe. Usually a person of African descent who lives in Europe and has European tastes and tendencies. Also children of both African and European parentage.
"English is your first language and you don't speak an African language, not even your mother tongue? You're so Afropean!"
"Khaki pants? This is a city not the bush - you're not African anymore. You're Afropean."
"His father's Dutch and his mother's Namibian, the boy's Afropean."
by Mutaleni Nadimi August 09, 2006
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Someone who has african and european heritage. Could be north african-white, or black-white (lightskin).
Dude: aye where you from
Dude2: bro everywhere
Dude: watchu mean man?
Dude2: i mean i took a dna test and I ain’t just black nigga.
Dude: you mean to tell me yo black ass has a white granpa?
Dude2: apparently i am afropean!
by Dudean July 17, 2018
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