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Iconic shopping building in Manchester, UK.

Located on the corner of Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter, contains dozens of independent stalls, small shops and boutiques operating in the one building. Well known shoppers such as Noel Fielding and Agnes Deyn.
Let's meet at Afflecks Palace, I need a new jacket.
by sea27 August 11, 2011
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a shop in Manchester selling 'alternative' items on different stalls, this includes but isn't limited to posters, music, clothing and condoms(!)

Person 1: Hey do ya wanna go to Affleck's palace this weekend? There's a skirt I've been eyeing up.
Person 2: Sure! Sounds cool!
by queenorivers January 18, 2006
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A huge yet inconspicious shop in manchester where all the scene/fashionXcore cunt girls form stoke on trent go on the train. Often the aforementioned fashion core cunts are drunk 15 year olds looking for tutus and old badges to make them seem individual. Their plan is fatally flawed.. they go in and buy exactly the same things in different colours, therefore looking the exact carbon copies of each other.

They mess up affleck's palace for everyone else. Because the shop-keepers expect everyone else to be cunts. The fashionXcore elite rarely ever venture upstairs in affleck's apalce, to the second hand and thrift stalls because they're so 'vintage' they can't own anything older than 3 months old. The only reason they go upstairs is if they're drunk or have heard that someone will pierce their lip or give them a star tatoo for a relatively low price, without parental consent.

Affleck's palace would actually be half decent if it wasn't for these vans-wearing cunts blocking the entrance.
fashionXcore girl: ah, me and chez went manchester the other day when we were supposed be at school, we went on the train and spent the whole day there.
me: didn't you go anywhere else in manchester?
fashionXcore girl: where's manchester?

Scene cunt: Ah, I well bought a super ted badge and a tutu from affleck's paalce the other day. Affleck's palace is mint.. do you know what's upstairs?
Me: yeah, it's really cool, there's all these second hand shops..
Scene cunt: second hand shops? really? Well i was gonna go up last time but this woman kept iving me evils.
Me: Oh yeah, I know the one.. She's really nice I had a really long conversation with her the other day about just life in general. The people at Affleck's palace love me because I don't dress speak or act like a cunt.
Scene cunt: Well.. I was drunk!
Me: exactly you scene cunt.
by FUCKfashioncCUNTcore February 25, 2006
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