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''Aeincinn'' An ancient English word that developed during the Saxon occupation of England. The word ''aeincitt'' was a Saxon word that connotates that an action was done in a graceful and beautiful manner. During the Saxon occupation of England, the English adapted this word into their language. Because of the ending consonant sounds in the barbaric Saxon language, the English changed the pronunciation to a softer ending in order to be easer to adapt and pronounce.
When the Normans conquered the Saxons in 1066, the English called this event an aeincinn conquest, or a beautiful conquest. As this word gives a positive connotation, the English begin to use the word more in their daily lives. In a story written in 1115 by an anonymous author, this word was used to describe a beautiful lady. He described her as "an aeincinn lady, whose beauty drives men to sexual insanity."
Though to this day, the word has become a dead part of English, some famous poets and historians still use this word in their poetry and historical accounts.
She is an aeincinn lady, whose beauty drives men to sexual insanity.
by whimmywhamwhamwozzle November 19, 2007
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