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A beautiful talented athletic lady who makes no mistakes and does not have a smart mouth. She does all her chores and turns in all her homework. She does her own laundry. She is skinny with a big butt and loves food. She thinks guys stink and are buttheads especially brothers.
Dangggg, look at that Adryonna though!
by Brattis MAXIMUS April 03, 2018
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Adryonna is a thicc girl who loves her boyfriend more than anyone and craves attention. When she doesn’t get that desired affection from
her boyfriend she acts moody and 99% of the time that’s why. She thinks taking back cheaters is not acceptable and she hates when guys swear every sentence, it’s unattractive. She believes that loyalty and trust are the most important things in a relationship. And the relationship needs to go somewhere and the guy can’t be a puss
Look it’s Adryonna!
by SlimDick101 October 02, 2018
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