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An amazing girl who loves everyone and is nice. Adrionna can be Rude and annoying but always pulls through for her friends. She will win your heart over by anyone who crosses her path. Ardironna can pick a fight out of anything but she always wins the fight. Adronna is sassy at times and you dont want to get in her way if shes mad. If you ever find an Adrionna make sure to be on her good side!
Girl 1: Adrionna is sassy but she always sticks up for her friends and family.
Girl 2: i know i kinda want to be her friend.
by Kittylover123456710 June 10, 2018
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A giant whore. If you are of the make gender and you even make eye contact with an Adrionna she will try to dive into your pants. If you an Adrionna turn and run the other way to avoid getting aids. A very desperate how. Will fuck anything with a penis.
Adrionna flaked on some guy a day after she asked him to prom. Hey, at least he doesn't have aids now.
by The goose of gilboa May 07, 2018
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