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A failed attempt at humor by the Team Fortress 2 player Rytherix to describe an admin he pissed off and this admin was having his way with Rytherix. This word is a combination of admin and minge The word itself is clever and witty, but given the person who created it, it must be denied of any praise.
Rytherix: You fucking adminge!!!!
Admin: Lol
by The Panda Man October 03, 2010
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A combination of the words "Admin" and "Minge", often to describe an admin that is Incompetent, Stupid, Easily Enraged and/or is notorious for abusing his/her power. this word is most commonly used in multiplayer Source Engine games, more specifically Garry's Mod as servers have a tenancy to be run by children who employ their friends and their friends' friends.
>User1: (OOC) "Hi!"
>User2 has jailed User1 for 300 seconds
>User1: (OOC) "Unjail me you fucking adminge!"
>User2: (OOC) "LOL"
by Kapo-Chan December 20, 2017
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