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A very caring individual who is unbelievably strong, but thinks he needs someone to keep him standing. Who is loving, but thinks there is a limit to his love. Who is one of the most social people you know, but is never two-faced, and extremely genuine. Who is generous, but knows when to stop people from taking advantage of him. Who thinks he needs a father, but does not realize how successful he has become without his father. Who is a joker, and will always make you laugh or cheer you up. Who has a dark side not very many people know, only a select and privileged few. Who is guarded, and can be rough on the edges, but soft, inviting, and gentle when you open him up. Who is trustworthy and responsible, you can trust him with anything! Who is enthusiastic and positive, no matter what the situation is. This can sometimes lead to an avoidance of the true problem, but mostly allows him to focus on the light instead of the dark. Who is so humble, and sometimes does not see how great he is. He is the man so many strive to be, so many dream about, so many want. Who is perfect the way he is, and should realize just how simply amazing he is. The definition of true love.
I wish I had the personality Admeth does!
by loveyou05012010 June 21, 2011
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