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Adderall first hit the market in 1996, and it prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD mainly, and also narcolepsy. This medication is HIGHLY addictive, it takes time to develop but happens nonetheless. It is similar to cocaine and methamphetamine, it will give you a powereful sense of euphoria, confidence, improved concentration, motivation, appetite supression, and sleep deprevation. Adderall will give you the ability to stay awake for ridiculously long periods of time, whether you are cramming for exams or partying/raving all night. It works fantastically when used properly, but once you begin to abuse it, your body will literally NEED it just feel "normal". Getting out of bed, going to the bathroom,answering a phone call will eventually become impossible without Adderall. Abusing it very simple, you are able to snort, inject, or smoke it, unlike Vyvanse.One dosage will last you several hours, even up to 8 with Adderall XR. This drug will literally take over your life in ways you could never imagine, music will never sound the same, eating a meal, talking with friends, reading a book, will all become painful chores once Adderall is stopped. Honestly it is a godsend to people with ADHD when used properly, but is so easily abused and addiction prone it really isn't worth it. Over time you will grow tired of Adderall and you will seek out even harder and more dangerous drugs.
Doug: Man the comedown from this Adderall sucks, you got any more?

Bill: Nah man sorry, just sold my last one. Plus I think you've had enough, you haven't slept in like 3 days.

Doug: Well fuck you bitch! Adderall just helps me study and do homework, kiss my ass.

I've got like 3 exams tommorow and a whole book to read on economics! (Fairy appears with a baggie full of Adderall) Wow thanks Adderall fairy! I am sure to graduate high school with academic honors now!

My Adderall Addiction literally ruined my life, i don't sleep or eat, i lost all my friends, and I began smoking Meth.....and yet i can't stop.
by Adderall-Not even once March 26, 2012
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