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An Adderall addict is someone who you see twitching, Scratching , And bobbing theyre head around like an idiot. Adderall addicts also have a tendency to Talk WAAAAY to much, Constantly look for something to clean , And breath Heavily when on adderall. An adderall addict would just as well say theyre your best friend as they would pawn your shit, fuck your freinds for adderall,and steal from your kids

Addict after having no fix for a day---
an adderall addict will sleep for 7-14 days depending on how long they were up to begin with...during this hibernation the slightest noise will wake them and they will become EXTREMELY irritable and bitch about everything they can in fact creating things to bitch about
Guy 1: Whats up with your mom? shes been up for like 3 days straight and she wont shut up

Guy 2: I know ....It's nothing new shes an Adderall Addict

Guy 1: Man that sucks dude i'm sorry

Guy 2: Don't Feel sorry i hate the bitch
by The Real Webster...Truth hurts February 07, 2010
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