Fun girl Adara means beautiful, they are usually short but unique, they are also sweet and can make anyone smile.They also are great in relationships and friendships so if you find an Adara keep her with you always.
Guy: I love Adara she's the most sweetest girl I ever met!
Girl: Is that why your smiling all the time?
Guy: Yep
by Gamerofawesomeness May 8, 2012
Adaras are very kind people. They enjoy having fun and laughing along with life. The like to "go with the flow". Adaras are beautiful nice and wonderful. They can go along with anybody and have fun with them. They are also very unique and rare to find, so if you meet one try not to let go of them. Adaras are usually short but not that short, but thats what makes them Adaras.
Man that Adara is smoking hot!
by Shingshong June 11, 2009
Adaras are not very nice but they are very athletic and they love to run from people. Thhey are rare and wild so if you find one tame your Adara while it lasts. Adaras like kid's shows, too.
by Adaraaaaa May 21, 2017
Adara is me I'm Adara would I say that these definitions are great no because not every Adara or person is going to be the definition of their name like I don't know where people come up with this its crazy man.
by October 28, 2021
A character from the fantasy Belgariad series by David & Leigh Eddings. A tall, beautiful woman with long straight black hair and pale skin. Had a flower created for her by her sorcerer/king cousin and then named after her by his Dryad wife. Flower later used to cure a slightly evil emperor of an incurable poison. Marries a Horse Lord/Sha'dar (horse whisperer) named Hettar.
"I wish i looked like Adara in the Belgariad. She's so beautiful and elegant"
by p@rad0x_0f_n0rm@1i+y May 2, 2009
another girl dewy jerks to.
yo adara
by deadlox234 November 24, 2020
an Adara Gillespie is a beautiful girl, cool person and awesome person whom whoever is with Adara Gillespie is a very lucky fellow.
Cody is lucky to be with Adara Gillespie.
Adara Gillspie is a beautifu person.
by kilgore15 August 7, 2011