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Adam and Karly are a perfect match that close friends say was made at the free clinic due to the fact that both have visited often enough that the worlds A.I.D.S. organization has dedicated a special room in every clinic in their home town especially for them. It has stainless steel walls, floors, and cielings, made for the high tech super dose that only they so far have needed because of the many deceases that only they have gotten. Once inside the high pressure nozzles spray a top secret anti-everything cure all that sprays from the many well placed jets, cleansing them and the hundreds of potential victims that both have sex with on a weekly basis, thereby freeing the USA of life threatening STD's, keeping safe not only the sluts and whores, but also all barnyard animals.

" Karly even though you gave me my first 100 STD's, I will love you and all your many sexual conquests till the day we die of AIDS, and hereby swear to lick out as much man and animal spunk from your rotten vagina forever as we live and all I ever want to do is always smell the stench that tells me you are near no matter how far away you may be and I will always call you by your pet name, Rosy Rotten crotch !!! "

" And Adam, I Karly, swear that no matter how much semen I may swallow, it will always be your seed that I will forever savor !! "

Dude, I could smell long before I could see that Adam and Karly were coming to town !! Tell everyone to hide the animals and lock the doors before that nasty duo infects the entire fair city of ours with not only all their old deceases, but with the many new and unheard of STD's that they have named after themselves !!!
by weary of finding love in yusra February 13, 2010
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