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Adalee is a girl who is truly remarkable in every single aspect of the word. She’s a girl with a unique name, and a definition just the like. She is the most beautiful, smart, funny, loveable and perfect girl you will ever meet. She will almost never be serious about anything and she is always having a good time. Whether it’s wearing overalls or planking in public, she’s the most fun person to be around. Adalee really inspires other people to be happy. She is always smiling and laughing, lighting the rest of the world.

She never cares what other people think about here and she will never change for anyone! Her faith is truly admirable and she uses the things she has learned from yesterday’s mistakes to turn them into invaluable lessons for today. Nothing can stop her from doing anything. She’s an awesome athlete; playing through injuries and dominating on the field, she’s a beast.

She’ll often contradict herself with phrases like, “for sure possibly.” And she may not be able to spell, punctuate or proof read things for errors, but that’s why I love her. She is the most strong-willed and independent women you will ever meet. And she may also think she has a bad memory, but she always remembers the important things.

She’s the best friend anyone can ask for. She always knows what to say to turn your day around and a single text message can brighten my world. She is always saying and doing cute things that she doesn’t even realize. I love her.

Need I go on?
I love you, Adalee. You're amazing!
by A.Grace September 12, 2011
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