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Ada, MN is the county seat of Norman County in North Western Minnesota. Ada prides themselves over their neighbors Twin Valley and Halstead. The community consists of mostly drunk farmers, stout helicopter mothers with short haircuts. It has a subway and a movie theater that is older than Methusula. In Ada, marijuana installs fear in its residents as much as the metaphoric devil himself. There's nothing for the youth to do who don't engage themselves in High School Athlete worship besides commit statutory rape, or cruise around aimlessly for hours with the occasional joint, pizzle or bottle of UV.

Don't go to Ada. Stay out. It's basically like one extended soap opera of Trailer Park Boys.
"Where are you from?"
"I'm from Ada, MN."

"Do you guys even have electricity up there?"
"Dude...fuck you."
by Liar,Liar,Plants for Hire June 26, 2017
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