Generally redundant improvised or unrehearsed lines that are frequently used in rap music.
examples of Ad-libs:
Lil Jon: Whaat? Okay! Yeaah!
Young Jeezy: Daaayum! Ayyyy! Thaaat's Riight!
by NoCows4Rob February 12, 2006
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Short for ad libitum. Means spontaneously, without prior practice or just unrestrained. Often refers to artists improvising, also known as "ad libbing", in other words playing from the top of their heads.
After the song was done they kinda started ad libbing into what seemed to be a whole new track, but was really just the guitarist fooling around.
by Fluid December 26, 2003
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While in the process of a song, the panning of your voice adding emphasis to phrases to empower your lyrics. Additional punchlines & etc.
"Dont ask me i'm just thinking out loud,(aaaaaaayyyyy!!!)
Purple haze got my head in the clouds." - Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy more/less popularized ad libs.
by Tha Menikian Man June 26, 2006
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Hack writing at its purest form.
With Ad-Libs, idiots can now make their own stupid book just by filling in the blanks.
by hi, my name is Name August 30, 2007
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A text ad-lib is an improvised way of saying something random in a conversation. Just like how rappers improvise and use ad-libs in a song, it is an optional way of communicating differently that can be used to change the subject
Person 1:”For real though what’s going on”
Person 2:”Tap in 🙈📲”
Person 3:”Stop with the text ad-libs man what’s the point of those”
Person 2:”He do be lookin kinda fresh doe😳”
Person 2:”Text ad-libs are a good way to change the subject don’t even cap.They are an improvised way of saying something random in a conversation.”
by tap in👀📲 October 20, 2019
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