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The word “acttechenacting” or “acttechenactic” in its adjective form has come into being through my evolutions of observing teaching.

Acttechenacting is defined as: one’s ability to perform in a manner that conveys knowledge pertaining to technology. This is a form of word evolution, and the word can be broken down into its constituent roots of ‘act’, ‘technology’, ‘enact’ and ‘ic’. Acttechenacting encompasses the evolutionary process of adaptation; to have various unconscious acts of technology evolve into rehearsed conscious acts of knowing within the classroom. But teaching should not stop there, instead it should prosper into a fluidity-like state similar to the dynamic term acttechenacting. This unconscious to conscious evolution taking place within the individual, is constantly adapting to suit the needs of the educational environment.
That teacher was Acttechenacting !!!!!
by Teaching is Acttechenacting February 05, 2010
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