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Activiwhore is the combination of the words "activity" and "whore." An activiwhore is somebody who does not get the satisfaction from a certain activity one season so the next time around they do something else. They switch up their routines so they can experience all the activities that they are able to join, or they become bored with the activity that they are in and decide to join a new one. While doing this, they also find out that they excel at everything that they attempt to do even if they do not like it. Since they are in so many activities and are great at them, everybody knows who they are and admires them. They are also the person that everybody loves, but is extremely jealous of them at the same time. People are more so jealous of these people because they are most of the time physically attractive too and have a lot of attention from the opposite gender. Sometimes the attention from other people forces the situation to the point where this person has a lot of acquaintances, but not many friends because too many people are scared to invite them out in fear they might one up them in something.
Somebody's freshman year they could do basketball, then their sophomore year they would join choir. Being unsatisfied with both they would join tennis their junior year. Then their senior year they would be part of the drama club. This is an example of an activiwhore.
by PieGuzzler December 03, 2009
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