Acronyms which are made up by random people because they are not socially adept.
Person 1: Hey, wybtpsfmt?
Person 2: What does that mean.
Person 1: Would you buy that purple sweater for me tomorrow?
Person 2: Wow, that is one of the many things that aren't shorter if you say the acronym
by ishouldfinishmyhomework February 25, 2016
Graphically, an OCCULT ACRONYM is a formation of the acronym's invisible initials' post initial letters of the words involved appearing in formations of the imaginary silhouettes of that acronym's initials in a way that makes the whole O. A. appear as a visible word.

Obscure Communication, Controlling Understood, Logical Thought
Aligned Communication, Rigorously Organized, Naming, Yet Meaning

They are an art form that are supposed to help a person get their mind going in direction other than linear text and to help them understand what the OCCULT is, so it is more familiar thus more comprehendible, thus not so scary!
The OCCULT ACRONYM told me something.
by Phili-Pbob'Sharsky October 29, 2020
Past tense of acronym. To have made an acronym of.
The Microsoft peeps told me "he seems to be OOF". But "Out of office" isn't even acronymed that way.
by Veek Tawreous December 18, 2019