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One of the main highlighted sub-genres of Electronic music. Gained the name "Acid" for using the various soundscapes created by the 303 synthesizer along with the 4 on 4 beat. This is what started the term "rave" and went on from '88 to '92. Gained its name by Genesis P-Orridge of the famous Psychic TV/Throbbing Gristle industrial groups.
Phuture is awesome!
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 02, 2004
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The dance music scene that pre-empted 'rave' in Britain, and began the long association of 'house' music and 'ecstasy'.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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A hybrid of house music that originated in Detroit. It started to became popular in Europe in 1987-1988. It often used the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and had a 4/4 house beat. Many other styles such as Trance, Hardcore, and Gabber have evolved from Acid House.

It is said that the group Psychic TV first used the term "Acid House."
Many ravers don't realize that Trance music is an evolved version of Acid House.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
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