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The grandos master author of dark, gritty, seedy, filty no nonsense "say it like it is" scottish culture novels written often in the scottish accent sounds so as to make you unrealisingly start thinking in scottish! he is a master!and he is real!
Ah suppose it is n aw, n ah worry if she's done it loads before, like she's some pox ridden hoor n ma cock's gaunny be covered in pus n jist crumble oaf if ah pit ti anywhaire near her Irvine Welsh
by Bebecky November 19, 2006
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1) Famous Scottish writer best known for his novel, "Trainspotting".

2) Synonymous with "mondo-awesome", or "maximo funnage".
Yo, we wuz all at Brette'z place lazt nizzite. Dat shiznit was totally Irvine Welsh, couzin.
by rainbow chicken July 29, 2006
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