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An odd type of species that originates from the name of Ashley. It is the Alter ego of the Ashley which is created by the split personality. The Achonce can be a vile creature which annoys many and has a tendency to show up places unexpectedly like a shadow. It also does not have a gender because it is so mysterious. The Achonce also likes to talk to its self on the computer. When it is not chatting about the meaning in life the Achonce possesses the Ashley and wreaks havoc on innocent beings by talking to them at the same time. The Achonce loves to make people uncomfortable and thrives off embarassement. Most believe it is just the Ashley playing an evil joke but really it is the Achonce using its mind control on Ashley. Achonce is also deeply in love with :putnam: the stupid face book smiley that nobody seems to know why he is there. The Achonce keeps believes in keeping shrines and keeps a shrine of putnam.
1. You embarass me way too much, are you sure your not an achonce?

2. Is it a guy or girl ? It must be an achonce!

3. Why dont you play a joke and pull an achonce?
by Vicky is awesome March 17, 2010
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