These people tend to be sophisticated in nature and tender at heart. Have known to "kill" for sport. They are lovers, not fighters, but they are also fighters, so don’t get any ideas. Their blood smells like cologne...
Oh My! Look at him. He must be an Acevedo
by The Great Green Leaf June 21, 2011
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if you see an Acevedo, be his/her friend! they are beautiful,handsome, talented, a loyal friend and gf/bf, and they defend you and protect you. basically they have your back! so if you see an Acevedo be nice to them ❤️
thank you much for being there for me and having my back <3 you must be an Acevedo!
by panda._.girl December 5, 2019
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if you see an Acevedo, be friends with him/her! they are talented, nice, smart, and loyal! hug them and never betrayed them cause they will always have your back and defend you 😊💘
"thank you for being there for me, you must be an Acevedo"
by panda._.girl December 5, 2019
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Usually a person who "has never heard his/her name be called avocado"
Them (literally everyone "Acevedo, more like avocado")
by Boop1830 March 6, 2022
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Also called “the crazy is here” usually stated after someone utters the phrase, “you don’t want me to bring the crazy” Needless to say you don’t mess with Acevado!
Hey, I didn’t mean to say that to your wife, don’t go Acevedo on me!
by Seasons Master D March 18, 2018
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Alien toy review man (very famous) Very ugly and is usually kissing massimo costa and syed minum in his toy review videos
Person 2:yes the dumb ugly emo furry who likes ammar?
Person 1: yes him,he vommited today during lunch
by Syed minum ammar February 1, 2022
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