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"Ace" is the term bestowed on a military aviator who has accomplished five or more confirmed aerial "kills."

An Ace need not be a "pilot," although they are by far the predominat type. Gunners and "Wizzos" (Weapons Systems Officers) may aslo earn the Ace credential by defeating their enemies in aerial combat.

The Ace moniker is a dying breed today, with fighter combat becoming less and less likely to occur in modern war. High altitude bombing, electronic countermeasures and long range missiles have had the effect of limiting American Ace production to sigle digit numbers since the Vietnam war.
Richard Bong and Charles Gabreski were two of the most distinuguished Aces from World War II.
by Paul May 06, 2005
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Used to describe something or someone, which arouses distaste.
"You're some ace!"
by Vaans May 04, 2005
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