A population of college students which has several different sects:

1. Private Accounting Aspirants - These students plan on pursuing careers in private industry. They typically are well rounded and have personalities.

2. Small-Public Accounting Aspirants - Usually, these students want to make as much money as they can, anyway they can (i.e. whores). These students are a monolithic population, and tend to not speak up in classes or have original opinions (i.e. drones).

3. Big 4-Public Accounting Aspirants - This is the smallest faction of the three. Usually full of pompous windbags who believe in their own superiority based upon the sole fact of their employer. These are very similar to Small-Public Accounting Aspirants, however much more vocal, arrogant, and egotistical (i.e. assholes). These people tend to become philanderers and white collar criminals
Guy #1: "Hey man, what's your major?"
Guy #2: "I'm an Accounting Major, man."
Guy #1: (walks away)

Girl #1: "Matt is such an asshole, I hate accounting majors!"
Girl #2: "Why's that."
Girl #1: "He totally plagiarized my Psych paper, what a talentless douche bag!
by Kanye Weston May 06, 2011
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a college student who's probably a complete nerd and never goes out on weekends. Because of the tough classes they have to take, they're forced to have very little social life if they want to graduate with good grades. However, along with some finance majors, they are the only people in your school's business department that are smart and not complete cocksuckers.
I was in the School of Business building today, and I met these three students. Two of them were a business major and a marketing major, both of which would suck my dick in a second if it helped them get ahead. But the third guy was an accounting major, who was kinda nerdy but he was really awesome.
by TheAmazingNEZ January 06, 2011
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