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Access Denied
by KPOPANIMEWEEB April 30, 2020
When having a one night stand with a young lady. You go back to hers, get naked and in bed. Then you stick it up her 'wrong' hole. When she says 'no' or complains you shout ACCESS DENIED in the manner Wayne from Wayne's World does. You get dressed and leave without adding to the 'conversation'.
by Denied_Access November 25, 2006
Really good coder he is known for intriga and he created cytrillia. He is also really good friends with other exploit devs such as Jordan and Austin. He is really chill if you get to know him he is also the head of staff on protosmasher. And he is and admin on elysian and synapse. He knows c c# c++ , lua , python and he is a dark dev.
Accessed n denied is a really chill guy he helped me with tons of scripts and he helped me with exploits and i must thank him for that.
by Alureon February 4, 2019