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A Catholic, Co-Ed, Private school located in Richfield, Minnesota - only two minutes outside of Minneapolis. It is a school filled entirely with white kids and the typical black kid is looked on like a wild animal - and are marveled at. The cost of tuition is currently $12,500 and increases by about 600 - 1000 dollars a year. Starting in 2007, every student gets a laptop to keep which just shows how wealthy the school is. AHA is known very much for their Boys and Girls Hockey programs who have won state 5 times in the last 12 years. The football program isn't doing so great right now, but will be in the next year. There are many exclusive drugs that only the wealthy can afford and an unbelievable amount of alcohol - even freshman are known as drunks at times. The teachers are generally good, with the exception of a few Science and Religion teachers. The school's graduation rate is 100% and 99% go onto college. The curriculum is incredibly difficult and some consider it harder than community colleges - even for freshman and sophomores. The average ACT score is around 26 and there have been several students with 35's and 36's. Students come from all over the state to go to AHA. It's feeder school is known as Blessed Trinity, which is next door, over 90% of those students end up at AHA. Other schools include: Faithful Shepherd, Annunciation, Nativity of Mary, and St. Johns of Savage. Thanks to the laptops, work is rarely done during class and students can e-mail, play games, facebook, and shop online all day. AHA is better than Edina Public School - though they think they are better - we ALL know that they are just another PUBLIC school and can't compete with our money, status, and class.
Guy # 2 "... I have to sit next to that black kid in my class"
Guy # 1 "oh you mean travis, or madeline?"
Guy # 2 "madeline, how'd you know?"
Guy # 1 "there's only 4 in our grade..."
Guy # 2 "there's still that many?!?! we better come to school armed."

Edina Loser: Huhaha we are so much better than AHA - we've got like 4,000 kids and some money.

Academy of Holy Angels Student: Wtf. You go to public school and you think you're better and wealthier than us? You must be high - with poor drugs, I might add.
by aha2012 September 17, 2009
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