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Absolutelove is knowing someone for years and finally realizing how you cant live with out him. Its spending days on end with him and it never being enough. Its smiling at the very thought of his own smile and welcoming presence. Its being able to act like a child and know he wont care and will still love you for your sillyness. Its knowing you are the luckiest girl alive to hear him say I love you and I want to be with you forever. Its in the way he holds you and cares for every part of you. Its Wanting to talk to him all day long and hear his sweet voice. Its saying good bye and missing him the moment you are apart. Its never wanting to hang up the phone. Its seeing him and suddenly smiling. Its the way he lights up and smiles when he sees you. Its physically wanting him all hours of the day. Its the pain in your heart when you see him hurting. Its the crumbling feeling when you argue and when its over all you can do is throw yourself in his arms and apologize. Its hearing his voice in your ear whispering I love you. Its his warm hand reaching to hold your neck when you kiss. Its those long heartwarming good night txts he sends. Its knowing that he is the one you want to be with your whole life. To live with, share a life with, have a family with. Its falling a sleep in his arms after listening to his soft noises as he dreams. Its waking up and smiling to see he is there next to you. It is Absolutelove that I share with You!
Absolutelove will never break, judge or critisize. It is trusting no matter what. Its having you know that I would follow you and love you to the end of this very earth for the rest of my life. You are where I am happy.
by 11211 April 13, 2010
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the most love you can possibly have for someone or something
committing all of your love to a person or thing
loving them more or the most you can
1."He loves her, but she has absolute love for him."
2."She loves him more, she has absolute love for him."

sage ivan babygirl love
by orlando924 November 09, 2016
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