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The best insult known to man. Used by Dick Beater McFingers
Patrick: Dude, I just hit Tom's grandma with my truck! Shit, bro!..

by Dick Beater McFingers May 07, 2015
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An insult that is used if someone is stupider than a fucking dumbass
In what world is a fish a kind of parrot, you absolute fucking walnut
by yaboi_doop October 29, 2018
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What someone is when they fuck up in a stupendously amazing fashion or are just incredibly stupid in general. Must be used with the following inflection:
"You're an absolute FUCKing walnut!"
-After Dave finished his explanation why whites and blacks are different species-
"Dave, you're an absolute FUCKing walnut!"
by Larry Machuto May 26, 2018
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