1. A physically fit asshole. An asshole with a six-pack.

2. An absolute asshole.

3. Navel; Belly button.
1. Guy1: Hey you wanna go to total fitness with me?
Guy2: Fuck no! that place is full of Absholes.

2. Guy1: You just don't wanna go because I always get the fine exercise bitches and you get the fat sauna bitches.
Guy2: Abshole!

3. Girl: OMG! that is a cute Abshole piercing!
by Steve Stephalonavich February 18, 2013
An asshole deserving his name by showing off his abs in almost every situation, like on the photos or when naked with friends/chicks, etc. Abshole is usually very proud of having abs and therefore doesn't mind slouching or generally having an awkward posture caused by flexing his abs.
- Person 1: Mike has cool abs in his profile photos.
- Person 2: Abshole.
- Person 1: Envious?
- Person 2: No, he is just abshole. Look how awkwardly bowed he is just to show off.
by kovarov March 30, 2014