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An abocessity (pronounced: ab-o-sess-et-tee) NOUN
These are things most abos CANNOT and WILL NOT live without. In short, a necessity of an abo. This is NOT at all intended to be RACIST, it is in actual fact TRUE.
Abocessity examples:
There are many examples of abocessities (plural) ranging from centrelink, alcohol, alcohol beverages, foods - particularly (as they call it) "chippies bra," freebies, pellet guns (for rolling people), REAL guns (for killing people), cigarettes and various other illicit drugs/pollutants.

Things that they DO NOT keep are:

tooth brushes- explains why their breathe stinks like shit
Showers/bathroom- explains why they stink like piss & shit
New clothing- explains why they have rugged/3rd world country appearences.
Good looking genes- Explains why abos (especially the hickeys) look ULTRA fugly
Mirrors- The above says it all- mirrors would shatter at a glimpse
Manners/Etiquette- Explains all the "fucken hell cunts" and "get in here ya cunts," and "May I fucken cunted have fucken it fucken please! YA cunt!"
by downwithTJhickey August 15, 2009
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