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For all those people who think they're elite or "rich" because they wear abercrombie you're acting like real idiots. Now before you start insulting me saying I'm just jelous because I can't afford it I wear brands with real class like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Brooks Brothers. And if you've ever been outside your abercrombie store and walked around the rest of the mall those stores happen to be much more expensive and have true class and history behind them. Unlike abercrombie that sells paper thin clothing that's only difference from something you'll find at target is huge letters scrawled on the shirt saying abercrombie.

And for people who shop at hot topic and other stores like that stop calling them "preps" because in my vacabulary a prep is someone who attended preparatory school and has true class and for them to but something from abercrombie would go against their morals for such clothes are degrading and embarrassing.

The only reason I bothered to write this is because I'm tired of these cliques that give you dirty glares if you're not wearing abercrombie or hot topic.
by awesomenessrulesoverall August 31, 2010
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