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Is synonymous with being a fraud, and a vindictive, hateful, bitch. Who constantly avoids mental maturity by invoking the name of her friends or relatives (who passed away) whenever in a situation that calls for personal responsibility. Also; a term for one who openly slanders former friends to whomever will listen in order to acquire replacement friends. One who copies the personality of surrounding people due to an inability of developing their own. An abbysis will inject opinions of bullshit "expertise" into any conversation within earshot. Abbysis is basically a phony, rotten excuse for a person.
Person 1: "I cannot believe Jessica pulled an abbysis when she got a new group of friends, and she told them that she was too stressed out when I was around on account of me being a thief and a liar."

Person 2: "But you never stole from her and always had her back."

Person 1: "Yeah well things must have changed when Jessica got butthurt that I was skinnier than she was."
by RedMaxx July 22, 2014
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