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She is a beautiful, long haired, long legged lady with the most captivating smile. It is easy to get lost in her eyes. She is shy and laid back but wont hesitate to defend herself or her loved ones, physically or verbally. She is smart, playful, loving, and kind. She is a joker, a tease, always looking for the opportunity to play pranks on those she loves. No one loves as hard or as much as she does. Her beauty is intimidating, natural beauty without makeup. She lights up every room she walks in. It takes her forever to wake up in the morning. She loves taking naps and bringing animals home from shelters or that she finds abandoned. Her love for all life is a refuge to the hurt soul. Her laughter brings joy. To know her is to know love.
Abbigale always helps the broken heart heal.
by Shastagohard December 20, 2016
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