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Noun: An American retarded arsekisser in the times of Barack Obama.
Basically, there exists in a universe far far away, a place called America, and in America there reside some fine people, However there also remain the Abarackans, who are people with low iq's who positively idolise (and in privacy masterbate over) Barack Obama (not that he's bad) without having a single fucking clue regarding his policies, or general political workings.
These people can be differentiated from intelligent people as they can often be seen spouting the line 'yes we can', or just generally talking about how in just a month into BO's (haha body odour) presidency the world has so dramatically changed for the better, except where is your fucking proof you bastard sheep.
At least wait until he is at least 50% into his term before making your half arsed musings upon him known wether be verbally fellating/criticisng him.
To simply put it an Abarackan no matter if they are for or against BO (yet again haha) is a cunt.
by Nick Manning's Catchphrase February 11, 2009
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