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In dysfunctional families, abandonment culture takes on many forms of abandoning family members rather than having a sense of compassion, love and responsibility for one another. Abandonment culture can also be a part of society as a whole, having no sense of social responsibility for people living in poverty, homelessness, etc...
"We dropped grandma off at the nursing home because she's getting old. We're keeping abandonment culture alive and well."
"Your brother is down on his luck and is facing homelessness? He can't live with us, keeping abandonment culture strong."
"You're about to turn 18, we have no sense of family so I have to kick you out now as abandonment culture is a part of this defective family."
"You're pregnant, don't expect me to be there for this child. I plan on establishing abandonment culture in this family immediately."
by Roxass February 15, 2014
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