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Aasima is usually a woman who uses and manipulates strong men,She uses her kindness to get what she wants from them and then cheats on them.
Aasima is looks and sounds very cute and this is how she-presents herself,but in reality she is one to stay clear from she will leave you confused and questioning your own life.

Usually cons and targets ahmeds.
Did you hear about ahmed he got done dirty by aasima
by Asimaaaa March 18, 2019
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An amazing person whose going to ahead in life and achieve great things. She has an amazing personality and brings happiness to almost everyone she meets . Aasima is appreciative of all she has and she is a strong person who does not give up in any of her circumstances.
If you want to know what happiness is go to Aasima
by Asimaaaa August 09, 2018
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