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Overly larged breasts; Lactose intolerant; issues in bedroom (oddly swallows with her vagina); tears up the bathroom (you know what I mean); Bad at playing any instrument
“Look at those bitch’s titties. She is hell of Aanyssa.”

“People refer to me as Aanyssa because I can’t have dairy.”

“That bitch swallowed my whole fucking dick.”

“Bet it felt real good.”

Bitch nigga she swallowed it with her fucking tight ass pussy.”

“Oh shit wtf?”

“I just ate a fucking burrito. This shit boutta look lik Aanyssa used it, you feel me?”

“I can’t play the piano for shit.”

“Ha, bitch you a mofo Aanyssa.”
by roxxyroxtar June 05, 2018
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