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(Anywhere I Live Is A Ghetto) Pronounced: Ah-Will-A-Go

This refers to the fact that anyone can claim to live in some kind of Ghetto. If in one part of town houses are sold for 1 million, while in another it is only $300,000; then people living in the cheaper part of town can claim they live in the Ghetto. This is incorrect. Ever since the popularity of rap exploded back in the early 1990's, the term "Ghetto" is now used by many as a Status-Word. Meaning they survived the worst and came out on top. An Example of AWILIAG is Becky Johnston, AKA Buckwild from VH1's reality show Flavor of Love. Becky claimed to be from the Ghetto of Upland, California. Upland, California is a Middle-Income community with a relatively low crime rate based on the number of persons living there. Hence, it is NOT considered a Ghetto. Now a days more and more people are claiming to have been raised in so-called Ghetto's, hoping to adjective some level of notoriety and respect for it. It should be pointed out that just because a person was raised in a so-called Ghetto, does not mean they had to endure any hardships. So like so many other words, the word Ghetto no longer holds a valid meaning.
(Man 1) Bro, you can't hurt me dude! I was raised on the streets of the Ghetto! (Man 2) Your a total AWILIAG! You were raised by your grandmother in Silver Bow Montana! You were home school for god sakes! (Man 1) Yeah, but we only had 1 TV, that's Ghetto.... (Man 2) Ahh yes, your scares must go deep from that trauma...
by the2ndflood July 12, 2008
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