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AVPA (aka Academy of Visual and Performing Arts) is one of the seven academies at Bergen County Academies. In this academy, there are three branches: Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. AVPA is one of the fakest academies at BCA, full of people who believe they are better than you just because they are talented. Each of the branches are super tight (they're like a family). You should feel intimidated by them, because they are scary loud and clingy AF. In this academy you will find a flop of a mess of people who are stressed about upcoming performances, tech week, and art shows. Every kid in this academy believes they are all mighty before they come to this school but once they arrive, they realize that everybody else is more talented than them and they cry a lot. If you wanna have your self-confidence and self-worth crushed, try out for AVPA!
"man i am so good at playing the piano !"
"lol say adios to your confidence if you go into AVPA"

"i was in 5 international tours and was featured in Law and Order!!1!!!"
"hahahahahahahahah guess what that's too bad bc a lot of people in AVPA are talented too"

"i won the superlative for best artist in middle school rawr :3"
"welp that sux bc all the kiddos in AVPA are freaking gods at drawing soooo enjoy crying at night"
by avpa July 19, 2018
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