Home of the pimps and money makers for shizzle my nizzle!!!!! Don't front my nigga represent your shit fo' u get busted gangsta style!
I pimp mah bitches in ATL!!
by Your Mamy!!!! August 27, 2003
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Literal abbreviation for "Above the law". In Dom/Sub speak, it's the role that abides by no safe words.
While kicking in the eyeliner/fishnet wearing emo's teeth, Johnny yelled "Tomato this, I'm ATL bitch!"
by J. Law October 03, 2006
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a place where white people who were known as rednecks originated from...a place where they have dirty children and swear they in the ghetto...i give ATL props for 1 thing...the girlz...holla..kome to jerz see waz poppiin...and umm since when did gangz ride souf...?¿?
teacher: CLASS!!! who knows where the 1st redneck from?

student: ATL

teacher: you are correct
by Brayzii B May 07, 2005
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ATL does not stand for Atlanta. I will never see it that way. ATL stands for All Time Low aka the best band ever.
Girl: " Hey, what does atl stand for?"
Other Girl: " All TIme Low! duh!"
by alltimelowfoeva August 29, 2010
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