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Short for, "Autistic Techie I'd Like To Fuck".

The term originated in San Francisco, due to the density of highly attractive but completely socially inept tech workers.
Bill: Wow Kate is a total ATILF. I'd definitely tap that.
Rick: Good luck having a conversation with her bro, she only speaks Python.

Tom: Thinks to himself, "Damn, Nancy is such an ATILF, I have to invite her over for dinner and Netflix."
Tom: Hey Nancy, want to come over this Friday for dinner?
Nancy: I only eat Sriracha and toast when I'm not coding, plus Google told me my cat has fungal meningitis so this weekend is not good for me.

Becky: Hey Jeff, want to come get lunch with the other team members and me?
Jeff: No Becky. I don't. I only eat Soylent.

Trisha: Mark would be a total ATILF if he showered more than once a week and his one hoodie didn't smell like pot.
by SLAR NAR April 09, 2017
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