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ATGG aka Ask the Gay Guys.

A thread on Gaia Online, in General Discussion Forum, where people asks questions to a bunch of regulars, usually homosexual, ranging from 'why are you gay' to 'what should I do about my cheating girlfriend' or 'what is the meaning of life'.
Girl: How can I tell my parents that I am bisexual?

Shenajeh {One of the GG}: Well, don't feel pressured to come out until you're ready. You've done the first part, admitting it to yourself. Take the time that you need to become comfortable and secure within yourself - that will make it easier to tell others. When you feel you're ready to come out, start small. If you feel your parents won't accept or understand, start with a few close and trusted friends. Build up a small support network so that should something go badly, you'll still have their support.
Do it in a way that you're comfortable with - face-to-face, a letter, a phone call. If you want to avoid confrontation, maybe a letter or phone call. Or a letter preparing someone for a face-to-face conversation. Be prepared for initial negative reactions, and for questions. Sometimes this comes at people from left field and they're confused and a little thrown off-balance. But stick to your guns, the surer you are about yourself, the better. Be open to talking about it, too. Conversation will help someone you're coming out to, because often in the case of parents, they'll want to talk if this is a big shock. If possible, have literature ready for them to read if they want to learn more.
by ATGG Member July 24, 2005
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