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A High Pitched Battle Cry Used by the best fighters, or certain martial artists. Two Well Known fighters and manly badasses who use this shout are Bruce Lee, and Kenshiro, of the Anime, Fist Of the North Star.

It strengthens attacks, pwns enemies, and makes you look badass. if you repeat ATA, as ATATATATATA!!!! then you're probably throwing rapid barrages of punches at some poor motherfucker.

It also variates into "WATA!!!" "ATOU!" and various other similar shouting.
He struck the man with a fist to the face, shouting ATA in the process. needless to say the bitch was pwned. WATA!!!

He shot a Hundred rapid Fists at the man, and each punch was in sync of his shouts: ATATATATA
by Super Ansatsuken December 19, 2010
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