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Making Chuck Norris his bitch since 1983.
"Omae wa mo shindeiru"-Kenshiro
by Chinese b@y May 31, 2009
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The main protagonist from the post-apocalyptic manga/anime series Fist of the North Star. He is the successor of the secret Chinese martial art called Hokuto Shinken, which grants superhuman strength and uses pressure points to destroy enemies from the inside.

Kenshiro, among others like Jotaro Kujo, is one of the manliest anime characters to ever exist. While Kenshiro has sheer power, he uses it to bring justice and peace to the world rather than for his own gain. He also treats even his rivals with dignity, and he isn't afraid to hold back to protect the innocent.

Some feats include:
- killing giants that are several times his size
- surviving a tank shot head-on
- destroying said tank with a flurry of kicks and punches
- when struck on his shoulder with a steel beam, the beam bends while his shoulder remains entirely unharmed
- destroying skyscrapers with single punches
- walking straight through falling skyscrapers as easily as a hot knife cuts through butter
- curing a little girl of mutism and giving back her ability to speak
- burying a former friend honorably because he loved the same woman Kenshiro did
- defeating a ruthless emperor (who had a tragic background) with a merciful fist, rather than a painful technique
- immobilizing his left leg with a secret technique, so that one of his later rivals (who lost his left leg) has a fairer match
- calling his allies and enemies alike his "friends" who have helped shape his destiny
Kenshiro is a true hero of the people and a savior of a lost era.
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by AlabamaSword July 18, 2020
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Lesbian with the biggest penis ever. Long hair, asian, looks black, and is adored by hot girls
Why does that Kenshiro getting all those girls?
by bignignoah December 08, 2016
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