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The type of expat mostly found working in the assholes of the world such as Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria etc, and who boasts about working in such places in the same way chav's boast about their ASBO as a ''badge of honour''.

The typical ASBAT is a dumb illiterate halfwit loser from Europe, North Amercia or the Antipodes. He spends his free time pissed-up in the local fly ridden bar boring everyone with stories of his adventures in other assholes of the world, whilst sneeringly attempting to delude himself and fellow ASBAT's that where they are is far better than every developed country in the world. In his remaining spare time he sings karaoke and rapes/beats his maid.
Trev: ''I met an awfully unsavoury character in the hotel bar last night - said his name was Rob and that he works in Yemen. He was stood in a puddle of his own piss and kept going on and on about how exciting it is watching the tanks mow down protestors. He was extremely thick.''

Larry: ''He sounds like a right ASBAT''
by Welsh Geoff April 22, 2011
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