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Scabby handed ginger haired fat arsed munich tosser.
Aplin is one seriously lazy twat. Hoole Travel won't miss him.
by Mike E July 30, 2003
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Aplin is a last name given to a god otherwise known as Johnson Aplin Back in 1686 Johnson Aplin was born he was a fareless warrior that had a estimated life's taken of 400 he passed away at the age of 36 in battle and the hole Middle East kindom attended his funeral including his brother Layce Aplin witch held a spell of of health and wealth gifted from king James vII for the loss of Johnson Aplin he casted the spell over the grave amen he shouted the hole kindom amen. The fowling night king James vII daghter came and visited layce but when she arrived she heard a bunch of racket inside she tried getting in but the door was locked she shouted layce and pounded on the door there was no awnser then she heard a name in a deep voice that she could barley understand it was a whisper that said pomber the next reborn then the room whent silent she ran and got the Gards to get the door open when she finally got in layce was laying dead on the floor with his skin steaming he whispered into the girls ear keep Jacob safe then passed away the princess did not know who Jacob was but whent out on her journey to find out.
RIP Johnson Aplin
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by Ancient history August 28, 2019
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