Aesthetically pleasing Asian girl/guy.

Used to describe and Asian girl or guy that is aesthetic in appearance.
Oh my God! That chick with the bubble tea is such an APAG
by eks dee dee July 23, 2018
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APAG commonly known as Aesthetically pleasing asian girls/guys, well its 2018 now and we don't assume so it now stands for, A Purple Asexual Gopher. Who doesn't love gophers
Person 1: "Bro there are so many posts on subtle asian traits and instagram about apag's, have you seen them lately?"
Person 2: "Bro whats an apag?"
Person 1: "well it stands for aesthetically pleasing asian girls/guys, but you know bro its 2018 and we don't assume genders so it also stands for A Purple Asexual Gopher."
Person 2: "Oh shit bro that true."
by KOREANS AREN'T ASIAN December 4, 2018
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apag- aesthetically pleasing asian guy
any guy whos asian and hot
Look at that apag! 😍😍
by vietnamricefarmer November 18, 2017
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A nickname created by S1DP3.
Apagal is someone who is happy-go-lucky and always love other people especially their classmates.

Apagals always got each other back through thick and thin.
"I love my classmates so much!"

"Wow! You are such an apagal."
by Onomotapoeia January 5, 2018
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All postman’s are good
Back our boys in blue you know APAG
My sister is the mailman’s kid APAG
by December 18, 2020
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Moslty used as a name for pages.

''Hey did you saw my invitation about thoses APAG pages on fb ?''
by mondot88 March 28, 2018
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All People Are Garbage. The truth about how all humanity is truly equal.
Internet douche: "blah blah blah hate hate my in-groups better than yours"

Simple response: #apag.

Internet douche: *douching intensifies*
by Wedgaf April 5, 2017
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