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A multi-core AMD CPU that will be clocked at 4 GHz and have an unlocked multiplier out of the box and only cost $190 for the low-end quad-core and $290 for the eight-core. Called Bulldozer because it will destroy Intel. Intel fans believe all negative rumors about Bulldozer and disregard positive ones as fake, while AMD fans do the opposite. Bulldozer will be called AMD FX and was scheduled to be released in June 2011 but was postponed to August or September because of problems with Turbo, power management, and clock speeds (Bulldozer supposedly could only reach 4.64 GHz on air and 5.5 GHz on LN2) so AMD could create a B2 stepping that fixes the problems.
Person: Look! This rumor says AMD Bulldozer scored 81917 in PCMark, and it has a pic attached! Doesn't seem certain it's legit though...

Intel fanboy: BS, that's obviously Photoshopped. My $1000 Core i7 990X doesn't get near that. Stupid AMD fans, your poor cheapskate company will never defeat Intel.

AMD fanboy: Haha, Intel fan is just jealous because his overpriced Intel CPU sucks and Sandy Bridge is about to get FX'd just like PIII and P4! This is absolutely true!
by lapersona July 01, 2011
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