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Origin: Hong Kong. Cantonese phonetic translation of "Super hot", can also mean "out of your league".
"Man, did she just talk to you?"
"No, she's an Ailsa, I was between her and the door"
by Edward L Cahn December 26, 2018
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The coolest. prettiest, and hottest, girl in ur school, she is always helping people. And is always getting asked out. however she never says yes to more than one guy at the same time.
wow, shes is such a ailsa, i wish i was her! She is so cool, and pretty
by maxine miller April 12, 2005
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beautiful girl with tan skin, usually has big eyes and curly hair. can sometimes be a bit of a bitch and is quite moody. is very funny and is nice when she wants to be. is very shy and unconfident. shy unconfident pretty nice bitchy
"i don't want to speak to them"- oh stop being such an ailsa
"they are so ugly"- stop being so ailsa
"do i look okay?" - you look ailsa
by shucksgirl942 July 19, 2011
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a wookee with a distinct cry when it is going commando.
wow, did you see that wookee with a haircut that looks like it was done by a lawnmower. it was so ailsa!
by bongasmirf April 20, 2008
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An incredibly beautiful girl who spreads happiness everywhere she goes. She is extremely funny and very smart. Everyone loves Ailsa.
person: did you see that girl over there?
person2: yeh she’s such an Ailsa 😍
by justbantainnit June 15, 2019
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man shaped woman with distinguishable horse features blinding bad looks and frizzy hair. often has an equally identical twin, emily
i was blinded this mornin, i looked at an ailsa without eye protection
by edwin May 22, 2003
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